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Specialising in Bronze Casting

Dan Gentle Art Foundry offers artists a unique art casting service specifically targeting the art client market in Perth and Western Australia.

Full Service Art Casting

With over 30 years' experience in producing small and large-scale public art and private commissions, Dan Gentle Art Foundry offers artists a Full Service Art Casting experience, from mould-making, to casting, to finishing (welding/chasing), a selection of patinas and final installation of your artwork onsite, if required.

Lost Wax Investment Casting Process

For some projects, Dan Gentle will recommend using the Lost Wax Investment Casting process.

Lost Wax Investment Casting involves recreating the original artwork (usually a solid clay sculpture) as a hollow wax form. The wax is then "invested" in a refractory material.

Once complete, the investment is heated in a kiln where the wax will melt (or be "lost") to create a void for the metal to take its place.

This technique was developed 6000 years ago and still gives excellent results as long as the foundry operator is skilled in all stages of the moulding, wax, gating and casting process.

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